A Decent Proposal…

Great news!  I have successfully navigated the world of grant proposal writing and just accepted my first grant award.  In November I submitted a Classroom Research Grant through the Mathematics Education Trust (MET) housed within the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).  It is a grant that encourages classroom teachers to work with university professors on advancing the teaching and learning of mathematics.  The grant is perfect for the kind of work I want to do with schools and specifically teachers who seek to improve their practice.  I am excited for the work to begin.  More importantly, I share this news so people are aware of the MET grants and the opportunities for funding that they support.  There is money available for undergraduates to pay for their coursework.  There is money available for inservice teachers to take graduate coursework.  There is even money for integrating music with mathematics education.  I encourage all mathematics teachers and teacher educators to learn about what money is available through MET and apply!

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