AP in Haiti – Day Six: The Answer is Relationships

IMG_0648Our time in Haiti has come to a close. Crazy to think how fast it went. Our last act was the Jericho Walk, where we were led by the leadership council up a large hill (mini-mountain?) that gave us a bird’s eye view over the Camp Marie community. The purpose of the Jericho Walk was to help us picture the leadership council’s vision for the community and allow us the opportunity to share in that vision and pray for God’s guidance in realizing their hopes and dreams for the community. The walk ended with a gathering in the church where the leadership council shared with us their appreciation for our visit and how our team connected with the people of their community. Finally, we had a chance to pray for the leadership council to provide them with discernment, patience, and resilience in the work they are doing for Camp Marie.

At the beginning of this week I had a lot of questions about this trip.  Some questions I mentioned in this blog and some just lingered in my head during the week. The answer to all of them lies in relationships.  Over and over again I saw the design of the trip and the mission of 410 Bridge come alive in how we did life with the Camp Marie community.  The Jericho Walk was the perfect ending to our trip, but not the ending to our relationship with Camp Marie…only the beginning.

Kenbe Fem!

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