Blue Math Group

Azul&GroupLessonSketch is a web-based platform that allows for the creation of teaching practice representations in the form of student work, classroom videos and the use of the “blue people” in the form of comic book-like creations.  Last spring I was named a LessonSketch Research and Development Fellow, which means I am kicking the tires of the platform and trying it out in my classroom and with my students.  What is great about being a fellow is the chance to work with the other fellow and the leaders of the project Dan Chazan, from the University of Maryland, and Pat Herbst, from the University of Michigan.  They have taken this idea and are trying to maximize its use in teacher education.  I am currently creating a series of experiences around the work of the TEACH Math group’s analysis tool to help pre-service mathematics teachers notice the features of a rich mathematical task and the multiple ways students can show understanding given such a task.  More to come…

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