Welcome to Amidon Planet!

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Most people struggle with mathematics, but everyone needs mathematics. Amidon Planet serves as a hub for equipping those wanting to love others through the teaching and learning of mathematics. The resources, tools, and knowledge provided through Amidon Planet will prepare instructional leaders (teachers, parents/guardians, tutors and teacher educators) to help others work with mathematics to […]

See like a Coach: Considering the lenses we use in Formative Assessment

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Formative assessment a process of gathering evidence within the stream of instruction in order to inform teaching and learning (Black, Harrison et al., 2004). To be considered formative, the evidence must be “elicited, interpreted, and used by both teachers and learners” (Wiliam, 2011, p. 43) From the Joint Position Paper on Formative Assessment of the National […]

Love, Allies, and the Cost of Course…discuss.

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The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators met in Orlando this week which provides the opportunity for fellow teachers of teachers of mathematics to discuss how to improve the field of mathematics teacher preparation.  Sounds like a niche field but the importance of preparing teachers to teach mathematics, a subject which is directly connected to the academic and economic opportunities […]