Hip Hop Based Education in NYC = ____ Based Education in Mississippi

On January 16th, I had the privilege of speaking at the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium/University of Mississippi Center for Mathematics and Science Education Teacher’s Conference.  I was invited to speak about Hip Hop Based Education, which is a topic I have talked about in several posts on this website.  My challenge was to talk about what Hip Hop Based Education means for the teaching of mathematics and science in Mississippi.  My charge was for STEM instructors to figure out what to base their instruction on that speaks to the cultural and academic assets of those they are teaching.  Below is a copy of my slides and the citation for the talk.

Link to Slides

Amidon, J. (January, 2015). Culturally sustaining STEM pedagogy in Mississippi: Lessons from hip-hop based education in NYC. Opening Keynote at the annual teacher conference of the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium/Center for Mathematics and Science Education. Oxford, MS.

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