MCTM @ Mississippi College

IMG_0981This weekend the Mississippi Council of Teachers of Mathematics held their annual conference at Mississippi College.  I was given the opportunity to talk more about this idea of creating space for the progressive teaching of mathematics.  It is an idea that is still taking shape but basically it is about stakeholders in the the teaching and learning of mathematics building on the assets that one another brings to the table.  For example, the student teacher brings cutting edge practices, the cooperating teacher brings tested experience, and the university supervisor brings knowledgeable encouragement and an experienced eye.  These pieces can come together where all parties can teach, all parties can learn, and the students are the ones who benefit.  Again, it is still forming…but for those interested here are my slides from the talk.  And below is how to cite the talk:

Amidon, J. (September, 2014). Making space for progressive mathematics teaching. Presentation at the fall conference of Mississippi Council of Teachers, of Mathematics. Clinton, MS.

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