math tutoring without a tutor

Do you tutor?  

It is a common question someone who has a career centered on math may hear from time to time.  When I hear the question I don’t want to turn someone away without giving them some way of obtaining what they need…help with developing their relationship with mathematics.  Something I always suggest is using Khan Academy.  Videos have been created by Sal Kahn and his team around many areas of mathematics and other STEM subject areas as well.  Students can then create a login (or use their Google account) to keep track of their progress in learning mathematics and computer science (with more being added daily).  Teachers, Parents, and even tutors can use the “Coaching” tool.  Teachers or Tutors can keep track of their students progress, or parents can use it to set goals for their children (Coaching Resources are available via the website).  I have written about Khan Academy earlier to reiterate what I like about Khan Academy is that a user is always learning through the hints, videos, and exercises that are connected to the multitude of content on the site.

Khan Academy is available as an app for the iPad (my preference because of the touch interface) and an app for the iPhone as well, though the iPhone app can only play the videos…as of yet.

Also worth a look is Smarthistory presented by Khan Academy which is a website that merges art and history.

Another site that I do not know as much about but is also free and keeps track of your progress through some math content is  I look forward to checking it out in the future.  Until then feel free to submit a comment below.

Here is a link to a little tutorial sheet I created for teachers wanting to use Khan Academy.

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