We Talkin’ Bout Practice

Allen Iverson might not have wanted to talk about practice but it seems like mathematics teacher educators cannot get enough of it.  This week at the NCTM Research Conference I joined several colleagues to talk about how to represent the practice of teaching within LessonSketch. These representations were then used in both mathematics methods classrooms and mathematics content classrooms.  The thing that excites me most about what was said during the individual talks was the evidence that engaging in representations of practice was a productive way of promoting best practices, which is a good thing.  I have attached the presentation and the citation for this presentation below.

Here is the link to the slides for the portion of the presentation that Stephanie Casey and I were responsible for.  Enjoy!

Aaron, W.R., Alibegovic, E., Amidon, J., Crespo, S., Milewski, A.M., Bannister, N.A., Casey, S., Hanby, K., Kalinec-Craig, C., & Lischka, A.E. (April, 2016). Research on Math Teacher Education in an Online Multimedia Environment. Research Symposium at annual research conference of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. San Francisco, CA.

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