A Brief Story & Call to Action: #22forSkips22

I played for the University of Wisconsin Rugby Club from 1998 to 2001, so bear with me as I share a brief story and call to action regarding this year’s UW Men’s Rugby Hall of Fame inductee, Skip Heffernan.

The Brief Story

Recently I found myself in Madison, WI for one night without a place to stay.  As I looked at prices of hotels and even an overpriced Airbnb couch I remembered what Skip always told us,

If you ever find yourself in town without a place to stay you call up the local rugby club.

Inspired, I sent Skip a text and within an hour I had a place to stay. It was there, while enjoying Skip and Ruby’s hospitality, that I began to realize all that I had learned as a player and a person with Skip as my coach & mentor.  He taught me about how to prepare, how to set goals, how to work hard, how to play hard (on and off the field), and how to extend generosity. He saw potential in me before I saw it myself.

[KiwiClickToTweet tweet=”Skip saw potential in me before I saw it in myself. #22forSkips22 @BadgerRug” quote=”He saw potential in me before I saw it in myself. “]

I write this note knowing that I am not the only one that has benefitted from the coaching, mentorship, and generosity of Skip Heffernan.  In response, I call on anyone that has received a practice, a job, a tour, a life lesson, a place to stay, or even a beer from Skip, to join me in honoring Skip and his nomination to the UW Men’s Rugby Hall of Fame by opening up their checkbooks and giving back to the club that Skip has supported for so many years.

The Call to Action

In honor of Skip’s 22 years of connection to UW Rugby I call on anyone and everyone to give $22, $220, $2,200, or frankly any amount you want (Skip and the club won’t mind) by 8/26/2017 (Alumni Weekend). Just as a way of saying thank you to one of the guys who pushed UW Rugby to where it is today.

All contributions are tax deductible and the funds collected will be used to safely transport players to and from matches, which is a major annual expense for the club.

Checks made out to UW Rugby Club can be mailed to 818 North Star Dr, Apt 506, Madison, WI 53718
Also, payments can be made through Venmo to @UWRugbyClub
Send in payments by 8/26/2017 (but the club won’t mind if they come in after 8/26).

Thank you for your time.

Joel Amidon
jcamidon at me.com