Amidon Planet Podcast: E013 Developing Doers by Avoiding Pitfalls with Noah Amidon

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What pitfalls need to be avoided in leading people to be doers?

A few years ago I listened to an episode of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, where he talked about the Developer’s Dark Side, or more specifically, pitfalls that leaders fall into when attempting to lead their teams. While he was describing these pitfalls I was thinking of parallels that happen when teaching mathematics, and started to make a few notes. Well those notes led to a blog post, which is now the subject of this episode of the Amidon Planet Podcast.

Joining me for this episode is a real life math student, my son, Noah Amidon. Together we talk about the 4 pitfalls listed in the original podcast/blog post and come up with one more. We also talk through the other categories (Now you know, You make the call, and Sum for Seven) and have a few laughs while doing it.

Pitfalls to avoid in promoting Doers (of Mathematics)
1. Controlling – creates compliant doers (of mathematics).
2. Criticizing – creates insecure doers (of mathematics).
3. Avoiding – creates disengaged doers (of mathematics).
4. Rescuing – creates helpless doers (of mathematics).
5. Complicating – creates non-doers (of mathematics).

For more on these pitfalls you can read this blog post or use the links below, or the embedded player, to listen as Noah and I discuss the pitfalls to avoid (as shared by Groeshel) in considering how to promote doers in the classroom.


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Podcast episode “The Developer’s Dark Side” from the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast that inspired this podcast episode and this blog post (4 Pitfalls for Developing Doers of Mathematics: Takeaways from the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast)

Books & articles mentioned in the podcast

Strength in Numbers: Collaborative Learning in Secondary Mathematics (Amazon Link) by Horn.
Smarter Together: Collaboration and Equity in the Elementary Math Classroom (Amazon Link) by Featherstone, Crespo, Jilk, Oslund, Parks, and Wood.
Never say Anything a Kid Can Say by Steven Reinhart

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