Amidon Planet Podcast E019: Fish! with Tom Andres

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How do you choose to respond?

Imagine getting up way before the crack of dawn, chilled to the bone and being surrounded by foul smelling fish…doesn’t quite sound like a recipe for inspiration. But through the story of a business leader in need of help and a fishmonger who provides it, we see how the choices made in how to respond to tough situations is the most important choice of all.

In this episode of the podcast I am joined by Tom Andres, a Wisconsin Hall of Fame High School Basketball Coach, former Administrator of the Year, and my first boss, as we discuss the featured book, Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results. Tom fills this episode with examples from his life and 50 years in education to illustrate the principles found in the book. He even shares his experience working a shift at the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market!


BONUS More Fish! with Claire Rearick

In addition, had a chance to follow up the episode with Tom by recording a bonus episode with Claire Rearick. Claire is a former student, colleague, and current 3rd grade teacher in the Oxford School District (and former teacher of one of my children). Claire recommended Fish! as a book for the podcast and I thought it would be a good to process the episode with Tom (a 50 year educator) by discussing learnings with Claire (an elementary teacher in the third year of her career). Especially, relevant because while recording we were in self-quarantine during the COVID-19 global pandemic and the wisdom shared by Tom has a lot to say about our actions during these unique times.


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