Amidon Planet Podcast E047: A Brief Discussion on Equity in Math Education with Dr. Natalie Hobson

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Learning to teach better with Dr. Natalie Hobson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Sonoma State University, as we discuss publications and a presentation that we created on “Getting Started with Equity in Mathematics Education.”

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Getting Started with Equity: A Guide for Academic Department Leaders by Every Learner Everywhere

Getting Started with Equity: Mathematics (Links to our Briefs in the Getting Started with Equity guide)

REMOTE: the connected faculty summit (Link to access our panel presentation)

Dr. Hobson’s blog post on the AMS Teaching and Learning Blog, “Six Ways Mathematics Instructors Can Support Diversity and Inclusion”

Information on the Transformative Inclusion in Postsecondary STEM: Towards Justice (TIPS Towards Justice) at Sonoma State University

Sonoma State Website with mission statement

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