Amidon Planet Podcast E067: Teaching with Puzzles with Jeffrey Wanko

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Learning to teach better with Dr. Jeffrey Wanko, mathematics teacher educator and puzzle creator, as we explore puzzles and how to use them with students to develop logical thinking, creativity, risk taking, and agency.

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Nikoli puzzles website

Star Battle Puzzles

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Articles

Teaching Inductive Reasoning with Puzzles – 2017

Reinforcing Geometric Properties with Shapedoku Puzzles – 2013

Deductive Puzzling – 2010

Japanese Logic Puzzles & Proof – 2009

Wordle and Variations

Wordle – 1 word

Dordle – 2 words

Quordle – 4 words

Octordle – 8 words

Sedecordle – 16 words

Spatial Reasoning Puzzles that Make Kids Think! by Jeff Wanko

Math and Logic Puzzles that Make Kids Think! by Jeff Wanko

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