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Blessed with a problem.

Sounds like a weird statement, but I once heard author and leadership guru, John Maxwell, talk about the tragic nature of not having any problems. He said if you did not have any problems then you were not a candidate for a miracle. He then called for anyone who lacked a significant problem in their lives to come forward and so people could lay hands on you and ask the Lord to bless you with a problem. In other words he was saying that problems were not necessarily a bad thing. I believe the author of the featured book for this episode of the podcast, Dr. Magdalene Lampert, would agree with John Maxwell.

When I read the featured book for the podcast, Teaching with Problems and the Problems of Teaching by Magdalene Lampert, I was able to see how a master teacher could take a single math problem and extract so many opportunities to learn. What is so interesting about this book is being able to get into the mind of Dr. Lampert as she is teaching to see why she makes the decisions she does from arranging the set up of the room to which student to call on in a discussion. I cannot think of another book that has influenced my teaching as much as this book, and I am excited to share it on the podcast.


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Opening, Purpose, & Overview
High Five (Key Learnings)
The More You Know (Revising Previous Actions)
Imagine This (Respond to a Scenario)
Sum for 7 (Simplify the Message)
Conclusion/Support the Podcast


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