Redesigning Struggle in the Classroom to Foster Doers of Mathematics (revisited)

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In the fall of 2023, we were asked to revisit a presentation that we gave in 2017 that addresses the productive struggle and shame in the mathematics classroom. The presentation starts with an overview of productive struggle incorporating research on the shame-pride axis and equitable mathematics teaching. Teacher-leaders will be shown how to reposition struggle, minimize shame, and foster students identifying themselves as doers of mathematics; ending with a brainstorming session on five strategies.

Below is a link to the handout we collaboratively built during the presentation, the citation to the work, and links to previous iterations of the presentation.

Collaboratively Built Handout

Amidon, J., Monroe, A., Cook, C., & Slaton, M. (November, 2023). Redesigning Struggle in the Classroom to Foster Doers of Mathematics. Session at the annual Mathematics Specialist Conference of the Center for Mathematics and Science Education. Oxford, MS.