What We Are Doing in Haiti…in a Podcast From Haiti – #APinHaiti2018


If you are wondering what The Orchard Oxford is doing sending a Service Team over Spring Break to Camp Mary, Haiti, then take a listen to this podcast. One of the trip leaders, Amber, hosts the show, while The 410 Bridge Team Leader, Frantson, and I discuss the work we are doing with the community of Camp Mary.


If you want to partner with Camp Mary you can do several things.
0) Learn about Camp Mary, the beautiful people and their story from The 410 Bridge or previous posts on Amidon Planet.
1) Contact The Orchard Oxford and ask how you can get connected with what is happening in Camp Mary.
2) Sponsor a child from Camp Mary.
3) Sponsor the community of Camp Mary.
4) Pray for the vision of the Camp Mary Leadership Team

4 thoughts on “What We Are Doing in Haiti…in a Podcast From Haiti – #APinHaiti2018

  1. Jimmy Reply

    Congratulations guys for the good job have been doing in haiti may the Lord continued to blessing u guys.

  2. Kelly Hobbs Reply

    Hi. I work at Wiregrass Church in Dithan AL. We also partner with Camp Mary. I love love love everyone there. God bless you and your team. I would love to talk sometime about your experiences there. Compact notes. Thanks.

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