How to create and maintain an education portfolio

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Click here to access office hours (through Google Meet) for portfolio development that I am offering all of The University of Mississippi School of Education teacher candidates on Fridays from 10AM – 11AM, starting Friday, April 3rd, 2020.

If you are not at The University of Mississippi or have a question you would like addressed and cannot come to office hours, click here and submit your question.

The purpose of an education portfolio is to document the growth of a teacher. To capture the milestones of development along the path to becoming an experienced educator…which sounds fantastic…but how do you actually create one?

I created the Portfolio School website for The University of Mississippi’s Department of Teacher Education to help our teacher candidates develop their own education portfolios. In the website I have created two courses that include YouTube videos of screencasts (with captions) as well as step by step written instructions for how to navigate the technical process and the reflective thinking necessary to create a great portfolio.

Launch your Education Portfolio – for participants to create a portfolio, journal, and philosophy statement that will serve as the ground level for their development as educators. In addition, this course will introduce participants to the basic technical skills needed to further develop their portfolio.

Author your Education Portfolio – for participants to put content into their previously created portfolio in order to document their development as educators.

Click here to access the Portfolio School site

Previous attempt at online Portfolio Instruction

Below is a video I created on how to author an artifact in an education portfolio based on the Classic Google Sites. The video contains some explanations for why things are done in an education portfolio beyond the technical aspects of creating the portfolio.

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