Teaching Math Teaching Podcast: Tapping into the Wisdom of Math Teacher Educators

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What do you do when your focus shifts from teaching mathematics to teaching mathematics teachers?

I remember my first time teaching methods for teaching secondary mathematics and the constant need to remind myself that I wasn’t teaching mathematics but how to teach mathematics. It was weird. I was so thankful for the vast amount of expertise available at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for me to lean on while I was trying to figure it out.

But what does that first time mathematics methods instructor do without that expertise to lean on? Or what about that awesome mathematics teacher who gets promoted to be the district’s first mathematics coach…what do they do to gain access to the wisdom of those who have served in a similar role?

The mission of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators is to to promote the improvement of mathematics teacher education, K-12. and for years the attention of the organization has been on putting on a conference and supporting those that engage in mathematics teacher education at institutions of higher education. In a continued effort to live out their mission and support all teachers of mathematics teachers, AMTE has sponsored a new podcast. The Teaching Math Teaching podcast, is meant to be an accessible way for all mathematics teacher educators to access the wisdom in the field.

Join Eva Thanheiser of Portland State University, Dusty Jones of Sam Houston State, and me, Joel Amidon of The University of Mississippi, as we tap into the vast expertise of those that teach math teachers to help us all teach math teachers better.

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