The Transition Years Podcast Series

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The Transition Years is a series of podcast episodes focused on the complexity and importance of the transition years, the last two years of high school and the first two years of postsecondary education, on the mathematics experiences of students.

The Transition Years is brought to you by the Launch Years Mathematics Organizations Leadership Network, which is part of the Launch Years Initiative at The University of Texas at Austin – Charles A. Dana Center and is an Amidon Planet Production.

Launch Years Math Organizations Leadership Network – Click here to access webinars and other content related to the Launch Years.

The Transition Years: A Discussion with Dr. John Staley

Listen in as Joel Amidon and Dr. John Staley provide an overview of the transition years, key topics and issues to consider around the transition years, and to preview upcoming programming aimed to equip mathematics education leaders to be local change agents to improve the mathematics experiences and outcomes for all students.

The Transition Years: Supporting the Work

Listen in as Joel Amidon, Dr. John Staley, and mathematics education leaders share and interact around how their respective organizations are supporting the work around the transition years that has been coordinated by the Launch Years Initiative/Launch Years Mathematics Organizations Leadership Network.

Represented on the episode is the Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics (Joleigh Honey, Christine Koerner, and Dewey Gottlieb), NCSM Leadership in Mathematics Education (Paul Gray and Astrid Fossum), Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (David Bressoud), and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (Michael Steele and Dusty Jones).