AP in Haiti – Day One: Questions for Haiti

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A while ago I was told I was going to Haiti.  And now we are here. The Orchard and 410 Bridge have successfully brought myself and 14 companions to the island. Now, the logical question is, “What now?”  Another logical question is, “What am I doing here?”  I have to admit this first night on the island has left me with some doubts (and a sliced up finger…a story for another time) and wondering what good can I do here? What good can I do in Haiti?

The reoccurring message of 410 Bridge is to build relationships and not worry about the projects.  Not worry about getting things done or checking items off the project punch list,  We are to build relationships with the members of the community that we will meet but also the members of our mission team.  So maybe the better question is “What good can I be in Haiti?”  Can I be someone who desires genuine relationship with others?  Can I be someone that is truly present with someone?  Can I be someone who considers the needs of others above my own?  Can I be someone who can both give and receive help? And maybe the answer to “What good can I be in Haiti?” can help me figure out how to be good/better at home, in the classroom, in my relationships, and in my community. All things to consider as this adventure begins…

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