Amidon Planet Podcast – E004: Mentorship and the Patience of the Padawan with Gary Williams

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Mentorship and the Patience of the Padawan

What is a mentor? And where do I find one?

As someone who can point to several mentors in my life these might seem like silly questions. But after my conversation with my friend, Dr. Gary Williams, Vice President and Director of Athletics and Recreation at Wittenberg University, and leadership expert, I realized how little I knew about mentorship, how to define it, and, more importantly, how to foster it. In this conversation, Gary helps me understand the content a little better by using the storyline of Star Wars to communicate key principles on mentorship. If that helps you as well then this is the podcast you are looking for…

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Opening & Purpose – 0:00
Interview Introduction – 0:31
Welcome – 2:12
Gary’s Background – 4:01
Why Mentorship?
Definition of a Mentor
Types of Mentors (Pedestal and Agitators)
Roles of Mentors and Mentees
Finding a Mentor
Importance of a Moment
Invitation: What do you want to hear
Memorable Summary
Invitation to Engage


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