Amidon Planet Podcast: E005 Mind Your Moments with Gary Williams

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Mind Your Moments

How powerful is a moment? Can you make a moment powerful?

Throughout my life I can think of a handful of moments that have led to drastic changes in my life, my relationships, my teaching. I think of these “defining moments” as historical markers where something significant happened. Many times these moments just occurred, and I happened to be there, but what if these moments can be dissected and understood to the point where they can be designed and executed? That is exactly what Chip Heath and Dan Heath do in their book, The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact, which is the featured content for E005 of the Amidon Planet Podcast.

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Opening, Purpose, & Overview – 0:00
Question from Nick, Why Amidon Planet? – 0:56
About the Authors, Chip Heath and Dan Heath – 7:17
Organization of the Book – 7:51
Disclaimer – 9:26
Conversation with Gary featuring The Power of Moments– 10:29
Follow up on last podcast on Mentorship (E004) – 11:54
High Five (key learnings) – 16:22
The more you know (what would you have done) – 54:57
Imagine this (apply learnings to a scenario) – 1:03:35
Sum for 7 (sum up the book in simple language) – 1:14:13
Preview Next Episode – 1:20:22
Invitation to Engage – 1:21:06


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