Good Tasks for Good Math

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Good tasks provide the opportunity for good mathematics. Good mathematics provides students the opportunity to engage in the Standards for Mathematical Practice, with the ultimate practice being to “make sense of problems and persevere in solving them”. Something we want all children to be able to do.

Below is a list of Good Sources for Good Tasks. My criteria for a good source are:

  1. Aligned with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
  2. Vetted by a recognized organization/institution
  3. Provides commentary beyond the task to aid in implementation.

Before engaging in the list, be sure to identify the content you are hoping the task will promote a relationship with from within the standards. One resource I use for looking through the standards (all standards…not just mathematics) is the Mississippi State Standards App from Mastery Connect. Follow the link to find the app for your state.

Good Sources for Good Tasks

  1. Achieve the Core – One stop shop for the Common Core State Standards. For Mathematics, check out the Coherence Map to map our your identified standard and find aligned tasks, assessment items, progressions, and lessons.
  2. Illustrative Mathematics – Find tasks aligned with content and practice standards. Achieve the Core uses tasks from Illustrative Mathematics in the Coherence Map. Illustrative Mathematics also has a completely free online curriculum from Kendall Hunt.
  3. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Classroom Resources – some resources can only be accessed by members (so join!) but many can be accessed by anyone. Big resource is Illuminations.
  4. Mathematics Assessment Project – Find tasks, lessons, and assessments aligned with content and practice standards.
  5. Inside Mathematics – Find tasks and assessments aligned with content standards. Also find video examples of the practices standards and contents standards in action.
  6. Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards (Education Development Center) – Illustrations of the practice standards that contain tasks.

Not seeing your preferred “Good Source” but you know it meets the criteria. Send me an email with the link so I can check it out and add it to the list.

Dr. Amidon assisting a presentation attendee
Examining some Good resources for Good Math Tasks annual teacher conference of the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium/Center for Mathematics and Science Education.

This post was generated for a presentation at the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium Annual Teacher Conference in Oxford, MS. Below is a citation for the conference:

Amidon, J. (January, 2020). Good Tasks for Good Mathematics. Session at the annual teacher conference of the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium/Center for Mathematics and Science Education. Oxford, MS.

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