Broadening Perspectives at PME-NA 2013


The Annual Conference for the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA) starts today.  This conference is the opposite of AERA.  It is small, manageable, and you can easily have conversations with some of the big names in mathematics education (they may even seek you out).  The format is such that it allows for a many opportunities to meet with colleagues and form partnerships for future work.  One other thing, is if you are looking for a job in academia within mathematics education…this is the place to be. Bring your resume.

I was given the opportunity to present some of my dissertation data on the practice of turning that emerged from my attempt to teach mathematics as agape (or unconditional love).  The talk was well received and (as always) I include my slides, a link to the proceedings, and how you can cite it below.  Also within the presentation I mention a previous article from the latest issue of the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, so here is a link to a previous post that discusses my article. Enjoy!

Amidon, J. (2013). The emerging practice of teaching mathematics as agape. Brief Research Report  presented at the annual meeting of the Psychology of Mathematics Education – North America, Chicago, IL.

Link to my notes from #PMENA2013

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