Building Community in and through Math Classrooms

RunDMCWhat happens when the bell rings and class starts?  Does that end the conversations?  Does it end the talking?  Does it end the building of community?  Or is it just the beginning?

Today I get the chance to speak with Morgan Trevathan about our work at the Fall Conference of the Mississippi Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  We, along with Virge Cornelius, were the recipients of a 7-12 Classroom Research Grant from the Mathematics Education Trust of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  In the talk, Morgan will present her motivation for wanting to improve her teaching practice by utilizing groupwork and the classroom community.  She will also talk about the bumps she experienced, the resources she used, and how she sees herself teaching in the future.

If you are unable to attend here is a copy of the slides and a way to cite them.

Click here for the slides.

Trevathan, M. & Amidon, J. (October, 2015).  Teaching math, building community, or both? The answer is “both”. Presentation at the fall conference of Mississippi Council of Teachers, of Mathematics. Oxford, MS.

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